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Recycling can be complex. Determining what is and isn’t recyclable and how to dispose of it properly isn’t always clear. But there is value in your waste. Making sure your waste and recycling is managed properly ensures legal compliance and could qualify your business for rebates and savings that you may be missing out on. Each individual business sector has their specific rules to respect, and unique sustainability commitments. This makes dealing with waste more complex. If you’re facing waste or recycling challenges that are placing additional pressure on your business, Cauda can work with you to develop a custom solution, designed for your business.

Dealing with waste correctly is prudent and profitable

Dealing with waste correctly isn’t just an obligation, it can help your business stand out from the crowd. When you cut through the complexity and compliance, dealing with recycling isn’t a headache – it’s an opportunity to innovate and cost-save.  If you’re a business owner, facilities manager, office manager, or in charge of a new innovative, sustainable business, appropriate and compliant recycling is high on your agenda. Knowing that you are dealing with your waste correctly and compliantly isn’t just important for your success, it’s important for your reputation, your results and your survival. When you work with Cauda, you can pass on your recycling challenges to us with confidence.



With Cauda – your recycling is done your way

At Cauda, we know that there is no such thing as a one-size fits all recycling approach. That’s why we use our expertise and experience to develop custom, innovative, sustainable, effective systems for our customers – no matter the sector or industry.

When you work with Cauda, you are working with a team of experts dedicated to your business who speak your language. Service, sustainability, cost and compliance are at the core of everything we do. We make a difference, so you can make a difference.

Here's what some of our clients have to say:

Revive Eco


Cauda’s work with Revive-eco is a perfect example of how we make it our priority to work in partnership whenever possible.  Here’s what Fergus Moore, Co-Founder Director has to say:

“As an innovative company ourselves, it is important for us to work with similarly forward thinking partner organisations. Our values and goals are well aligned with those of Cauda which has been crucial in enabling us to build a great partnership, and allowing us to deliver a high quality service to our clients across the country.”

Fergus Moore, Co-Founder Director, Revive Eco
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Here's what some of our clients have to say:

Vibes Award

Delighted to have been a recent finalist in the Scottish Environment Business Awards (VIBES-2017), here’s what VIBES award judging panel had to say about Cauda:

“The judges felt that the company, the business values, activities and its collaborative projects very much tell a story of how ‘Sustainable Development – Makes Business Sense”

“It was recognised that the model of acting as a developer/facilitator of niche markets e.g Vegware and Revive Eco was uncommon within the industry”

Scottish Environment Business Awards
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Here's what some of our clients have to say:

Ross Shire Engineering

An environmentally ambitious company keen to respect compliance, Ross-shire Engineering appreciate the flexible, innovative and proactive nature of Cauda. Here’s what Steve Webb their Environmental Manager has to say:

“Cauda provide Ross-shire Engineering’s Cumbernauld office with an efficient recycling service, waste collections are carried our regularly with no problems. Communication regarding collections is simple and the service provided is exceptional.”

“Cauda’s commitment to reduce waste going to landfill and maximise recycling is a an essential service, helping to ensure we meet and exceed our environmental targets.”

Steve Webb, Environmental Manager, Ross-shire Engineering
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Here's what some of our clients have to say:

Ferrier Pumps

If you care about the environment and don’t like the idea of everything going to landfill, then Cauda is the business for you.  Here’s what Sandra Ure, Office Manager at Ferrier Pumps has to say:

“Fantastic service, everyone that I have spoken to has been polite, helpful and solution focused.  As a business we feel very strongly about the environment and that is why we chose Cauda. (They are also very competitive in price).  When Graeme came to assess our requirements, we were very impressed with his knowledge of recycling.  We can’t recommend Cauda highly enough.  They do what they say they are going to do and always on time.”

Sandra Ure, Office Manager, Ferrier Pumps
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Here’s why Cauda really makes a difference


At Cauda we believe that open, two-way communication is at the core of every successful relationship. No matter what sector our client is from, our journey together starts with an open and honest exchange about objectives and goals. We are a team of people, not a faceless company. Our job is to deliver and make your life easier by designing a solution that fits your business and helps you achieve your goals.


When you engage a supplier you have expectations. You expect your recycling company to come when they say they will, do what they promise, and deal with your waste in the way you’ve agreed. At Cauda we commit to every agreement we make, which means that our customers reach the point they don’t even notice that their waste is being dealt with. This means that they get on with their job and we get on with ours.


Everyone at Cauda is committed to delivering above and beyond our customer’s expectations. When we say we will do something – you can consider it done. That is what makes Cauda truly different. We understand that your recycling is an important link in your success chain and we do all we can to make it the hassle-free process you deserve. Whatever your goals, we’ll listen to them and we’ll make them our own.

Recycling – done your way

At Cauda, we don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk.

Cauda was a recent finalist in the Scottish Environment Business Awards (VIBES-2017) for the work we have undertaken to ensure our collections are as environmentally friendly as possible. This includes all drivers undertaking fuel efficient driver training, the use of telematics, and constant monitoring of fuel efficiency and use.

We hold the Bronze FORS (Fleet Operators Recognition) award, which ensures we have the correct logistics systems in place and that we are working at a standard above legislative compliance.

We will always look to move your waste up the Waste Management Hierarchy, eliminating landfill, and searching for reuse and recycling opportunities for all wastes. We can provide zero waste to landfill solutions.

We have strong links with Scottish Prison Service, where we work in partnership to provide employment opportunities on release from prison.

Recycling Solutions – no matter which sector you’re in


Do you sometimes feel as if dealing with waste and recycling is just another hassle you could do without? Are you frustrated by the continual changes in legislation or the unclear messages you receive? If so, you’re not alone. At Cauda we know that you want to respect your responsibilities and be as green as you can, but we also know it’s a challenge you could do without. That’s why we provide a clear, simple service that keeps you on the right side of the law and ahead of the recycling game.


You’re likely to be concerned about clear recycling billing, rebates and on time collections. Keeping your retail ship in order is a multi-faceted challenge and dealing with waste and recycling is a hassle you could simply do without. Yet you know how important it is. Maximising rebates means you have to get it right every time. At Cauda we help you get your retail recycling right by having a commitment to deliver and by welcoming open dialogue as well as providing clear and concise billing.


Are you clear and up to date about waste material rebates? Do you know exactly what needs to be done to segregate materials? Are you in control of the supply chain? Are you confident that you’re not paying too much for your recycling? No? Then why not hit the blue button below to get in touch? At Cauda, we help you deal with your waste compliantly, cost effectively and in line with your supply chain requirements. Working this way means you can get on with what you do best and leave us to do what you need us to do to help.  When you work with Cauda, it’s a partnership.


If you’re involved in cutting edge innovation or life sciences, you’re probably frustrated by the lack of interest shown towards your industry by the recycling sector. At Cauda we know you have unique waste/recycling requirements; we know they’re often complex and your volumes might be relatively low right now. But we’re here to accompany you as your volumes grow, so you go down the right path.  We make sure that your needs and obligations are met and your budget is respected. Cauda is the waste/recycling partner that understands your business.

If you’re in a sector that’s not listed here and you’re intrigued to find out more about the value we can add to your business, just hit the blue button to get in touch.

Get that recycling monkey off your back.

The Cauda Story

In 2013 our General Manager, Graeme Meldrum was tasked with finding a Scotland-wide single supplier of recycling and waste services for a major retail customer with specific requirements. Graeme’s search was exhaustive but in the end fruitless.

Seeing this as an opportunity rather than a failure we decided to create our own company so we could meet the needs of this, and any future customers.

By putting the customer at the centre of our business model, we built the solution around client requirements, future goals and budgetary constraints. We thrive on finding innovative solutions, and solving complex problems, whilst improving customers reporting systems and environmental credentials. And that’s how Cauda was born.